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Welcome to soundly sleep co.

Infant and Toddler Sleep Consulting

Having a baby is hard, and getting them to sleep can be even harder. The good news is you don't have to keep living on a few hours of sleep each night!

I will do a full assessment of your beliefs as parents and your lifestyle in order to create a custom sleep plan that works for your family.

Sleeping Baby
Sleep Training does not mean "Cry It Out"

Sleep training involves teaching your child how to develop their own healthy sleep habits so they can achieve the appropriate amount of sleep for their age. Caregivers can play a supportive role in this process. Sleep training does not mean "Cry It Out". 

what to expect

Initial Consultation
Intake and Sleep Plan Creation
Sleep Training Support

I'd love to hear a bit about your family and answer any questions you may have about sleep training. I can guide you towards the best package based on your situation.

I'll send you a 3-day sleep log and intake form for you to complete online. After I receive all of this information, I will use it to create a custom sleep plan.

Depending on which package you select, I will be available through email and phone calls to guide you to better sleep!

066_Risley 2021.jpg
Hi, I'm Maddie!
  • Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant 

  • Registered Nurse with 7+ years of experience in pediatrics 

  • Most importantly, a Mama

What can a sleep consultant help with?

Frequent night waking
bedtime battles
short naps
establishing a healthy schedule
transition from crib to big bed
transition from cosleeping to crib
and more!
Maddie's coaching, encouragement and advice helped our family gain so much confidence and excitement as we ventured into this new sleep plan, and also gave our family a new freedom with the routine. Maddie never approached our problems with judgment, but instead, was so gentle and helpful as we tackled each day.

- Jordyn, Mama to a 4 month old

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