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frequently asked questions

How can hiring a sleep consultant help?

Every child is different, and every family has different needs. There isn't a one size fits all sleep training method. As a sleep consultant, I can evaluate your situation and choose techniques that will work best for your child's personality and your preferences. There are also many factors that affect sleep. I take a look at all of these things, and sometimes making small adjustments can have a huge impact on your child's sleep outside of doing any actual sleep training. Overall, a sleep consultant can assess the entire situation and develop a personalized plan you'll feel comfortable using. 

Will my child cry?

Yes, there is going to be some crying involved. However, we can work within the limits of what you are comfortable with. The Cry It Out method is what most people think of when they think of sleep training, and it is very rarely used. Most methods allow the parent to do check-ins and offer support through the process. It's important to remember that crying is the way children express themselves, especially when they can't speak yet. Crying is also a part of the soothing process for young babies. A little crying in the short term is perfectly okay. They are safe, they are loved, and they are provided for in every possible way.

Do you work with parents who want to cosleep (bedshare)?

As an ICU nurse and trained sleep consultant, I strongly believe in the safe sleep practices reccomended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. I do not take on clients who bedshare without plans to stop. I do work with clients who are currently bedsharing but are trying to move the baby to their own safe space. I also work with clients who roomshare. It is possible to sleep train while your baby is in your room in their own space! 

Do I have to do an initial consultation before purchasing a package?

No, but I highly encourage it. This call is beneficial for you as well! You can make sure I sound like a good fit for your family, and I can hear a little about your situation to gauge which type of support would be best for you. Some issues will require just a little support, while others can take more time. If you purchase a package first, then we will set up a brief call within a few days to connect!

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