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What Families are Saying

"After working with Maddie, our 4-month old went from sleeping only swaddled in her Snoo bassinet at night to soundly sleeping unswaddled in her crib within 3 days. On top of that major accomplishment, our daughter, who struggled connecting sleep cycles in naps (resulting in no less than 3 hours a day of my time soothing her and holding her to extend naps), started to sleep the entire nap time on her own with no intervention for 2 of her 3 naps a day (her third nap only required my soothing once or twice). Maddie's coaching, encouragement and advice helped our family gain so much confidence and excitement as we ventured into this new sleep plan, and also gave our family a new freedom with the routine. Maddie never approached our problems with judgment, but instead, was so gentle and helpful as we tackled each day. Our daughter's sleep, after only two weeks of work, is night and day different. I couldn't recommend her enough." - Jordyn, Mama to 4mo


"Maddie was very easy and pleasant to work with. We had always had trouble helping our kids get to sleep and establishing a good sleep routine. Our 1 year old needed to be rocked or nursed to sleep and was co-sleeping with us. We really needed some extra support teaching our baby to sleep, and Maddie helped us come up with a method we were comfortable with and implement a good routine. Maddie was very understanding of our sleep situation and really worked with us to feel comfortable with the method and really encouraged us to stick with our plan. Her support helped us stay consistent and now our baby is sleeping better! Maddie was very sweet, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We would definitely recommend her to our friends and anyone that would like some extra help teaching their little ones to sleep."- Samantha, Mama to 12mo

Maddie was great to work with! She listened to our needs and was able to create an individualized plan for our 12 month old. After starting the sleep training and new daily schedule, Beau can now fall asleep on his own and his naps are longer and more consistent. I would definitely recommend working with Maddie because she cares and wants you and your baby to have the best outcome! -Leah, Mama to 12mo

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