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Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits: Newborn to 4 Months

Are you ready to get more sleep, sooner? Would you love to gently develop healthy sleep habits with your new baby? This guide is unique because it gives you only what you really need to know to be successful, and it comes with email support to help answer those extra questions! 


Help build healthy sleep foundations for your baby! There is no sleep training involved in this guide, and it can even help reduce the need to sleep train down the road!

Topics include: 

  • 5 Foundations of Healthy Sleep Habits
  • Daily Schedules and Goals by Age 
  • Bonus Tips and Tricks 


Email Support: 

Included with this purchase is email support! You can ask any questions about your specific situation, and I can help you troubleshoot any issues. You will receive 4 emails to use any time from the date of purchase until your baby reaches 4 months of age. 

Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits: Newborn to 4 Months

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